When Foodie Goes on a Diet

dietDid I mention that I’m a foodie? I eat pizzas, pasta and sometimes samosas for breakfast. I have always loved junk and seaweeded all things delicious.

The truth is, I have never taken a diet plan or gone on a diet my entire life. Though like every other girl, I grumble when I don’t fit into a dress I love and sometimes look at other fellow blogger pictures in envy. But they were never motivating enough for me. I needed those oily samosas and pakodas, cheese burst pizzas and coffee with ice-cream to save my life.

However, when last month, after an year I joined Aerobics classes, I realised how important workout and healthy eating is. Sooner or later, we all have to give up these unhealthy eating habits so why not start maintaining a ‘balance’ today. I know the word is overused in the fitness world but I have finally understood what it means. So, I took a diet chart, yes guys I did! And I must tell you that the results were astounding.

Honestly, there were days when I used to look at food and feel good. It was like window shopping. You stand outside the crystal clear gigantic glass eyeing a dress you love but it doesn’t fit your budget. For me it was food. Every single time I saw delicious food images, I craved for them. Everytime I went out with friends, my inner devil wanted to cheat but all I told myself was – just a few days.

But I didn’t starve or leave food or stayed on fruits the whole day. I ate every 2 hours but ate right. Now and then I did cheat and ate pizzas and greesy Chinese but after one month and 3 kilos less I’m now ‘that’ girl who loves food occasionally and eats right almost 5 days a week.

By now, I’m sure you guys want to know my diet, right? So for starters, skip fried food for 5 days; go for alternate options like shallow fry in Olive oil or mustard oil. Have your coffee in skimmed milk with sugar free. Make salads more interesting. Go for sandwiches like spinach-corn rather than those filled with mayonnaise (I love mayo, so this was not easy at all).

More on my diet and the recipes I followed to make myself fitter in the next post.  Follow @eatstyleshop on Instagram and join us on #foodiegetsfit to share your fitness stories with me.

Until next time,
stay healthy and eat right

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